Monday, February 15, 2010

Make Your Own Resources and Keep Them Handy:

1) Premix your own herbs and spices. Keep your favorite concoctions in small glass jars, either recycled from single spices or purchased just for this use.

2) Always keep chicken stock in your freezer in single serving amounts, as well as small amounts for recipes by using ice cube trays. You can store the cubes in a bag after they are frozen. The times when you really need chicken stock are usually the times when you will least feel like cooking.

3) Keep organic, frozen, bagged vegetables in your freezer at all times. This can be a real time saver when you have none to spare, and frozen veggies have more nutrition than other forms, such as canned. They are the best option next to fresh.

4) Every time you cook a meal, make at least one extra serving to freeze so that when you don’t feel like cooking, you don’t have to!

5) Grate your cheeses and keep them in bags in the fridge. Mix and match different blends for more robust tastes.

6) Wash your herbs and store in the fridge wrapped in a moist paper towel at the base. Ready to use on a moments notice for your favorite flavors.

7) Blanch and freeze vegetables when they are in season. They will have the most nutrients and will feel luxurious out of season. They can also be staples of your diet that you cannot find already frozen.

8) Make lists of your favorite dishes along with recipes you’ve always wanted to try. When you are too tired to think, go with a favorite from the list that you can make with your eyes closed. When you get bored and have the energy to explore, pick a new recipe!