Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cooking Old School with Roxalana

Yay! I have found a whole new resource for cooking and how to look at food. While romantic notions of Paleo diets are all the rage right now, perhaps we need not reach back so far to something largely unattainable in today's world.
Indeed, I had never contemplated period cooking before I met this lovely lady. I think you are going to love her site as much as I do. Roxalana's Redactions is a wonderful resource for recipes, how-to preparation with illustrations, and general cooking knowledge. She has opened up a wealth of new information to me about food, so I hope you find her site just as inspirational! Just think of all the new flavors, preparation and presentation methods! YUM!!!
To get you started with something practical, here is her entry on how to debone a bird...

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