Saturday, August 1, 2009

Kopplin's Coffee

I am sitting outside of Kopplin's Coffee in St. Paul, sipping a most delicious Americano.  This is my favorite coffee house in the Twin Cities.  The coffee always rules in taste, the atmosphere is open and inviting, and the people are nice and intriguing.  

Kopplin's uses a Clover machine to make their coffee by the cup, so there is no paper filter to take the digestive enzymes out of the coffee.  No gut rot, no upset tummy!!!  Andrew, the owner, is serious, and I mean serious, about coffee.  There is no messing around here as even the shape of the coffee mugs are chosen for flavor- no square corners for the fine particles to get stuck in.  

I appreciate that it isn't just about the coffee, but also how it is treated along the way, how it is made at the end of the line, and how it is presented.  I highly recommend giving the place a visit.  This is the only place I haunt, the only place I feel safe consuming any kind of food product that I have not made personally or supervised the preparation.  How much more endorsement could I give the place?  

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  1. Arden, I need to check out the place b4 I go, for sure:)) thanks for the great endorsement and all the best--cheers,